Clinical and Non-Clinical Students and Internships

Students that are affiliated with a school and have been approved to participate in a clinical rotation or an internship with SIH through your program. We must have a contract established with your educational institution before you are placed in an internship or clinical rotation with SIH. The clinical or internship will typically last for a full semester. Some examples include: Nursing, Radiology, Lab, PT/OT, Respiratory Therapy, Case Management, Healthcare Management, Information Technology, Coding.

Job Shadowing Students

Students that will be doing observation hours only will complete the job shadowing orientation. This could range from a one day to a week-long assignment in one of our facilities. Observation hours are anything less than 40 contact hours. Job shadowing is observation only; no direct care will be provided. Job shadowing students must show proof of:

  1. Proof of a 2 Step TB Test
  2. Flu vaccination (September 1-March 31)
  3. Copy of immunization record
  4. Proof of Insurance

Summer Internship

About the Program

The SIH Summer Internship Program has been developed to help peak the interest of high school students planning for a career in healthcare. Qualified students are eligible for internship programs in Laboratory, Nursing, Radiology, Respiratory Therapy, Physical or Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy or other healthcare career fields.

8 week program

Offered during summers only Unpaid, however, students are given cafeteria cards to cover the cost of their meals while at the hospital, a scrub top to wear during their internship and can earn college credit. SIH will provide a kick off celebration to start their internship and will host a recognition dinner for the students and their parents at the end of their assignment. Students will also receive college credit for completing 80 hours in the summer internship program!

Program Requirements

Students are required to work two days per week, at least 6 hours per day for the internship period in their designated department. Students will be required to go through hospital orientation. They will also be required to orient in the department they will be interning.

Who is Eligible?

This program is available to current high school students entering their Junior and Senior year and graduating seniors.

Getting Started

Students are required to submit an application, two letters of recommendation (from a teacher, administrator or healthcare professional) and a copy of their transcript to Human Resources by May 1st of each year.

Internship Application

Please contact 618.457.5200 ext. 67802 for more information about the High School Summer Internship Program.