Job Shadowing FAQ

Q. If I am a student and am NOT enrolled in a CNA or Health Occupations program through my school, am I eligible for job shadowing at SIH?

You MUST be enrolled in your schools CNA program or high school CNA/ Health Occupations program in order to job shadow OR you may apply to our High School Summer Internship Program or apply to our Career Development course.

Q. If I only want to observe a department for a day, what process do I follow? Is this an option?

ALL job shadowing now falls under three areas: Annual High School Summer Internship Program, Annual Career Development course, be current CNA student or high school CNA/Health Occupations student. In order to job shadow at SIH, you must apply to one of these options.

Q. What is the difference between job shadowing and clinical?

A clinical experience is for students enrolled in a college healthcare program and is arranged through your college/department and SIH. Examples of a clinical experience include: Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Radiology, Respiratory, Health Information, Surgical Technology, EMT, Medical Lab Technology, Pharmacy, Medical students. These students will arrange their clinical experience with their school and the appropriate SIH department. Job shadowing is designed for a student that has been accepted in the SIH Career Development course OR has been accepted to the High School Summer Internship Program.

Q. Who is my contact person for job shadowing at SIH?

If you are interested in applying for the High School Summer Internship Program OR the Career Development course, please contact: Kristin King, Employment Manager, at If you are enrolled in your high schools CNA or Health Occupations program, your high school instructor will arrange your job shadowing experience with SIH. Your high school instructor will contact Karen Shaw at